We at FB-Tronics offer our customers an extensive range of automation technology. In addition to the vendor-independent trade of CNC and PLC controlled electronic assemblies we also offer other services as mentioned below.

    Sinumeric CNC, Simodrive, Sinamics drives, Simatic automation, motors

    Electric drives and controls, Anax/Diax or Indradrive as well as motors, gears, CNC and SPS

    CNC-control, Servo drive, motors, monitors, fanuc robotic

    Drives, operating devices, system cards, hard drives and plug-in cards

    Length measuring systems, rotary encoders, angular encoders, new and already obsolete CNC controls

  • CNC spare monitors
    Vendor-independent offer of spare monitors for use in the CNC sector

In addition, we also offer a testing and repair service for your items. Our range of services is rounded off by dismantling of CNC and PLC controlled electronic items from machinery and equipment. The quality of the machined items of us is reflected in a significant benefit for the machine operator. Repairs on functional level , performance tests on their own test and load levels , plus a warranty of up to 12 months on the functioning of the item- never was quality " made in Germany" written so great. Joining them will be our comprehensive range of in stock lying and functionally tested modules through which ensured a significant minimizing of your machine downtime.

Through a streamlined process management and our high availability in the stock of spare parts, we can supply the required modules not only fast, but also extremely cost-effective for our customers. We prefer short and direct ways to be able to provide you the product, which you need most rapidly: A functioning assembly of high quality due to our motto "German Quality meets best prices".

Since our founding in 2007, we strive to offer our customers a high quality service at a low price. This is one part made possible by our great technical expertise, to which we have access through our extensive network of partners. On the other hand, our customers will be advised by a young and dynamic team that is gladly to help you with any questions you might have. We stand for our customers as a competent service partner for the CNC and PLC automation technology steadily aside.

Our customers include renowned international companies in the area of:

Industrie Branche
Industrie Branchen
Industrie Branchen

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